How we can help

Public Relations covers a wealth of things which can all impact on your business’ reputation.

Here are a few of the ways in which we can help you.

Press Releases

Traditional print and broadcast media can have a massive impact on your business’ sales and reputation. Whether you’d like the press to be talking about you, or you’re making headlines for other reasons, we can help get the right message across.

Social Media Guidance and Coaching

Setting up a social media account is easy enough, but there are tips and tricks to making sure the right people see your posts and that ‘likes’ turn into sales.


There’s nothing we like more than turning a complex, technical (and dare we say, boring?) document into something clean, fresh and easy to read! We have a wealth of experience writing for websites, newsletters, social media, leaflets, presentations… so if you need your writing to be clear, concise and without jargon, we can help.


You’ve written the perfect piece, it’s ready to go – but what about that typo? We’re here when you need a fresh pair of eyes and a ruthless red pen to check your spelling and grammar, and make sure that everything still makes sense.

Awareness Raising

You know your business is good, but how do you make sure your potential customers know that too? We can help raise the awareness of your brand so the right people know exactly who you are and where to find you.